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The perfect shopping experience .


The perfect stop for family and great fun for kids.


Enjoy the different flavors and cuisines.


Money Safe and ATM Services that provide great Facilities

We are the Unique place for all the brands in the heart of Lovely Kirkuk

Explore the Brands with Our shopping mall is all set to dazzle you with an impressive lineup of renowned brands. 🌟 Get your shopping bags ready and join us. Come explore and treat yourself to the latest trends and timeless shopping experience.

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ATM Service

ATM (Automated Teller Machine) services in Mall of Kirkuk provide convenient access to cash and banking services for shoppers and visitors. Integrating ATMs into shopping malls offers several benefits to both customers and mall management.

Baby room

Providing a baby room or nursing facility in a shopping mall is a thoughtful and practical service that can enhance the shopping experience for families with young children.

Dry Cleaning

This service provides a real benefit for our customers while they are using it because of the high quality equipments and experiences.